18 February, 2019

 There had been a change on the Ministry of Tourism Law in Turkey. According to the change on the law of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, every travel agency is obligated to state Full Names, Nationality, Sexuality and Passport Numbers  ( For each passengers ) on their Passenger Lists to prevent illegal transfers, excursions and any travel organizations which caused some troubles and inconveniences to the tourists for the last couple of years. 

 To book any transfer, tour, excursion and tourism organization, travel supplier has to ask and demand the passenger details to finalize your reservation process.

 Passengers have to be sure that the service supplier is a member of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies. It is possible to control the company with register number. You can ask for the TURSAB register number and can click the following link to check. https://www.tursab.org.tr/homepage .

 We assure our all guests that,the given private informations will be kept in safe and will not be shared with anyone, any company or any other third party. 

 Thank you for your cooperation.

 Intersky Travel Agency  A - 7674  ( Registered to Association of Turkish Travel Agencies.)

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