Price 27£ 34$
1.089 TL
Time 0 Day
Region Dalaman
Passengers 1+
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White Water Rafting a long the river, you will reach the height of excitement at Dalaman River which is full of fun rapids, dropsand waves. After you picked up we will have journey to our base about 1 hrs. 30 mins. Than we will have another travel to our start point through pine forest mountain road about 2 hrs. 30 min. When we arrive your guides will give you briefing and equipmentsand we start the adventure in Dalaman River with White Water Rafting. About 10 kms of fun on the 3 - 4 grade of rapids and you do not need to be an experienced member of the rafting boat. In each boat we have one instructor to be sure that everything is under control.

 When we arrive to our base to finish White Water Rafting, open buffet late lunch will be prepared for you. We know that you will definitely be hungry after rafting. If you are between 17 - 65 years old with no health problems you can feel the adrenaline in Dalaman River rapids with White Water Rafting.


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