Price 30£ 37$
1.212 TL
Time 0 Day
Region Dalyan
Passengers 1+
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This is another excursion we organise for any age groups, consists of a bit coach journey but mainly boat trip in river delta. The journey takes about 1 hrs. 30 mins. ( 70 km ) to get to Dalyan by A.C. coach than for the rest of the day we use river boats. These are the boats which are designed for Dalyan river, delta and Logger Head Turtles that are under protection of UNESCO. When we arrive Dalyan, we start visiting Lycian Rock Tombs, Caunos which dates in 400 B.C. After information and photo break on board we sail to the second longest beach of Turkey,Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach welcomes millions od tourists every year with it's sandy beach and amazing nautral beauty. Beside touristic importance Turtle Beach in Dalyan welcomes lots of Logger Heat Turtles and Caretta Caretta Turtes for their eggs. You can chill out on the beach and enjoy the view of natural beauty. Than we move to lake side restaurant for open buffet lunch. Open buffet lunch will be cooked and served to you in a relaxing lake atmosphere. With short boat trip we arrive to our last stop sulpher mud baths after the lunch break. You can cover yourself from head to toe in therapeutic mud pools. Believe or not some says sulphur mud baths in Dalyan makes you 10 years younger ! We say good bye to Dalyan, Caunos, river and turtles and start return journey with the finishing of mud baths. With the little extra, if you and your party want to visit and support Turtle Rehabilitation Centre you can click our Dalyan Turtle Hospital tour. Within the reasonable timing we visit the base to support this organization. Turtle Rehabilitation Centre consists pools, rescued turtles, eggs and more. After taking the information from the professionals we carry on our route. A day filled with magical hightlights that will stay in your memory for many years…

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