It is now possible to rent a 4 wheel Electric Mobility Scooter for your holiday period in Sarigerme.

We, as Intersky Travel, providing Electric Mobility Scooter s in the area of Dalaman Airport and Sarigerme

Our goad is to provide stress free and comfortable holidays for our guests. Like our all other vehicle rentals we deliver and collect the Electric Mobility Scooter s to / from your accommodation address.

 Sarigerme is another location that we give efficient rental services for 4 Wheel Disabled Mobility Scooters.

 To rent a 4 wheel mobility electric scooters or disabled scooters we need to ask for your weight and height details in advance. After these details we ask for your accommodation details to deliver and collect scooters.

 Intersky Travel suplies a regular service in Sarigerme Mugla area on Electric Mobility Scooter Hire Services. We give a little briefing about 

How to park electirc mobility scooters,

How to charge the mobility scooters,

How to lock the mobility scooters,

How to drive the electiric mobility scooters and disabled vehicles.


 Not only in Sarigerme but also in the different locations of Mugla Provience, we have Rent A Mobility Electiric Scooter opportunities.

Our services are;

Gocek Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services,

CALIS BEACH Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services,

Fethiye Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services,

Karagozler Rent A Electiric Mobility Scooter,

Ovacik Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services,

Hisaronu Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services,

Oludeniz Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services,

Kayakoy Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services,

Uzunyurt Faralya Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services,

Seydikemer Rent A Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services,

Kalkan Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services,

Kas Disabled Mobility Scooter Rent

Sarigerme Electiric Mobility Scooter Rental Services .

It is possible for us to deliver Electirc Mobility Scooter s to Sarigerme Hilton Golf Resort Hotel, Sarigerme Inn Hotel, Blue Sarigerme Park Hotel, Magic Life Hotel Sarigerme, Holiday Village Hotel Sarigerme.

 For other Sarigerme Hotels please feel free to contact to us for more information about Mobility Scooter Rental and delivery & collecting details.

 If you would like to Rent A Electiric Mobility Scooter in your holiday time, you can always contact to Intersky Travel or visit our  Mobility Scooter Rental link.

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