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Halal Dalyan Caunos Turtle Beach Tour is another excursion Intersky Travel organises for conservative Muslim families. This is the first and the only Muslim Friendly Dalyan Tour in the area of Fethiye area. Islamic Halal Concept Dalyan Tour consists of a bit coach journey but mainly boat trip in river delta. The bus journey takes about 1 hrs. 30 mins. ( 70 km ) to get to Dalyan after the pick ups. We use  air-con minibus or coaches for land transportation. When we arrive to Dalyan Harbour  we moe to our boat which is only belong to our group for the rest of the day. These are the boats are small which are designed for Dalyan river, delta and Logger Head Turtles. Dalyan delta is under protection of UNESCO and locals are also tring to look after the Dalyan river and natural life in lake. Halal Dalyan Tour starts with short boat trip to Sulphur Mud & Sulur Water pools. This is known as '' The Best '' in the area for the alternative treatments. Sulplhur in the water and mud is really efficient on diseases. You can cover yourself from head to toe in therapeutic sulphur mud and water pools. We moe to our lake side restaurant for open buffet lunch. Here we will have a time to have a nice lucnh and having a rest a little bit. After the open buffet lunch with the view of Dalyan River, we set off again with river boat. Our route is to Turtle Beach. On the way to Turtle Beach we stop for visiting Lycian Rock Tombs. The Rock Cut Tombs in Dalyan are belongs to Caunos which dates in 400 B.C. The tombs are located at the top of the hill and watching Dalyan Caunos city, that's why we can have a photo and information break on the boat, at opposite of the tombs. Then we sail to the second longest beach of Turkey,Turtle Beach. Dalyan Turtle Beach is 13,5 kms long and sandy beach of Turkey. Turtle Beach welcomes millions of tourists every year with it's sandy beach and amazing nautral beauty. Beside touristic importance Turtle Beach in Dalyan welcomes lots of Logger Heat Turtles and Caretta Caretta Turtes for their eggs. This is an public beach and opens for all visitors. Our tour guide will advise to quiet part of the beach for Halal Dalyan Tour group. You can chill out on the beach and enjoy the view of natural beauty. Turtle Beach in Dalyan seperates salty sea water and fresh lave water. Caretta Caretta Turtles can only live in the salty sea water, Logger Head Turtles can only lives in the fresh water. Dalyan Delta is under protection of UNESCO. You will have chance to see turtles, tortoises and also different kinds of birds. Dalyan Delta is also known as a Bird Paradise in Mugla Provience. A full day activity in Dalyan Delta for any age of groups.

 Halal Dalyan Caunos Turtle Beach Tour is a daily tour which is organized in Muslim friendly concept and only welcomes Muslim concervative familes and couples. For more information about our Halal Concept, Muslim Friendly Tours you can always contact to our operators by e mail, telephone.

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