07 June, 2015

TandemParagliding Babadag Oludeniz information.

The experience of your life. Babadag mountain is one of the best location for tandem paraliding which is paralel to sea water to catch the best termal wind. Take off from 6.600 ft ( 1965 m ) at the top of the mountain and glide smoothly on your parachute with the experienced pilots a bove Oludeniz. After the all controls you will both run till parachute gently lifts you off the ground. Now you can enjoy the beauty of ıslands and Blue Lagoon ( Oludeniz ), take amazing pictures or record the view. Fantastic experience of your life will take aprox 30/ 40 min. Easy landing will be under control of your Professional pilot with a little forward motion. Comprehensive insurance is included and also your safety is our top priority for us!!! Unforgetable memoery of your life with Tandem Paragliding Babadag Oludeniz by Intersky Travel.

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