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Trip to Rhodes from Fethiye is a chance to move from one cultre to another and a country within a day visit to Rhodes by Catamaran or Hydrofoil. Spend time visiting fascinating Rhodes Castle, Museum and The Old City. See the many colourful shops and bazaars, shops for handycrafts and enjoy locan traditional food. You have opportunity to travel even if you like one way ticket from Fethiye to Rhodes / Rhodes to Fethiye or open return ticket from Fethiye to Rhodes / Rhodes to Fethiye as well. 


Information about Ferry Tickets

Same Day Return Ferry : This is an option for the visitos who would like to book both ways ferry in the same day / date.
One Way Ferry : This is an option for the visitos who would like to book one way ferry.
Open Return Ferry : This is an opiton for the visitors who would like to book both ways ferry when they have a  certain date for going and not decided for a date for the return ferry.

 Information about Rhodes Island

 Rhodes Islands is the widest island of the 12 Islands which is known as Dodecanese island complex in Greece. Rhodes also have the largest population island among the islands in Greece. Rhodes is located in Egean Sea and it is just 20 kms away from the Turkish coasts. The island hosted Colossus of Rhodes, which is known as '' The Seven Wonders of The World.  This large scale statue was built for the honor of triumpth of Rhodes Island againt Cyprus Island in 226 B.C. Presumably the Colossus of Rhodes statue was estimated as higher than 32 meters. Today it is not able to see the statue. Colossus of Rhodes demolished afther the earthquakes in B.C. During your visit to Rhodes you can see the two columns of statue at the enterance of Rhodes Harbour. Rhodes Island is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List with it's large history and culture.

 Places to visit in Rhodes Island

 Rhodes Old Town; Rhodes Island is divided two pieces as '' Old Town '' and '' New Town ''. Old Town is more attractive for the visitors. Rhodes Old Town is established in a castle with 6 gates. Rhodes Castle and Old Town is surrounded with huge sandstone made walls. When you enter from the gates, you will see churches, mosque, squares and traditional Greek style houses with courtyards. During your travel in Old Town, you can also see toursitic shops, restaurants, taverns in Rhodes Old Bazaar region.

 Rhodes Knights Street; This is the street built in gothic style in the early 14'th centruy by the kinghts. It is known that knights became together and defended Rhodes Islands. Knights planned the island and spend their life in Rhodes. They built Knight Street in Rhodes. You can also see the coat of arms and flags of the knights on the buildings.

 Mosque of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman; This is the mosque located at the end os Sokrates Street in Rhodes. Mosque of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman ( Magnificent Suleyman ) was built in 1523 by Kanuni Sultan Suleyman and known as most magnificent mosque in Rhodes Island. This mosque built in Ottoman Style and symbolizes the Ottaman management on Greece and Rhodes. Today it is open on the certain times of the day for visitors.

 Grand Masters Palace, Sokrates Street, Windmills, Hafız Ahmet Aga Library, Lindos, Symi Island are some more places to name for visitors.



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