13 September, 2019

Salda lake, one of the absolute must-see place. Salda lake is one of the most clean and pure water lake of Turkey. Salda Lake is a crater lake located in the Yeşilova district of Burdur. White sand, turquoise is known as Turkey to Maldives with water.

Salda Lake features:

• Salda is the world's fifth most clean lake!
• Turkey's the deepest fresh water with a depth of 184 meters.
• Giving white color is magnesium mineral.
• Salda Lake contains many plant and animal species. Freshwater fish, wild boars, turtle species and different species of birds are available.
• Salda is a tectonic crater lake and its water is rich in soda and magnesium.
• Sand is rich in clay. Very suitable for the mud bath, which is very good for the skin.

The lake Salda can suddenly deepen. Therefore, it should be very careful while swimming.



There are a limited number of hotels near Yeşilova and the lake. One of the best options for accommodation on Lake Salda is camping. It has a very convenient area to set up tents. But it can be cool at night.

Beach areas:

  • Yesilova Municipality Public Beach
  • Doğanbaba Public Beach
  • Salda Ministry Of Forestry Natural Park


Places to see in Salda Lake

There are many places to visit in and around Burdur. You can visit the village of Lisinia, which is an hour's drive away. After visiting this wonderful village Lisinia in Akçaköy Lavender Creek in Turkey, we recommend you to see the largest lavender fields. If you go in May you can see many flamingo in Yeşilova. Çorak Lake (Akgöl) roads in Yeşilova provide food for 5,000 flamingo passing through Burdur in May. Every Thursday a public market is established in the center of Yeşilova.

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