Yesiluzumlu Village, Cadianda Ancient City, Oren Village Tours
07 June, 2015

Yesiluzumlu, Cadianda Ancient city ruins,Oren Village Tour information.

To see Real Turkısh rural village life in the real old villages. The quiet streets of Üzümlü Village are lined with charming timber – farmed Otoman style old buildings adorned with wooden balconies and brightly painted doors. The village popular  with handicrafts and house made wines to taste. A short drive brings us to the site of Cadianda where Lycian and Roman ruins of theatre, houses, tombs and temple lie scattered under the pine trees on the mountainside. From here the view of Fethiye and surrounding valleys are breathtaking. Next stop is Oren Village. We enjoy a delicious lunch in Oren and a walk by river as village life goes on nearby. Chance to swimm or relax in the river. Interesting day with Uzumlu, Cadianda Ancient city, Oren Village tour by Intersky Travel

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